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Dry Cleaner in Newberg, Oregon

Your Source for Dry Cleaning

Make Sunshine Cleaners your source for quality dry cleaning services to make your clothes and fabrics look like new. At our dry cleaner, we use an environmentally friendly dry cleaning solvent(Green Earth) to make your garments, comforters and linens look brighter than ever before. Once done, the team presses them to give your fabrics the perfect professional finish.

Stain Removal & Pressing

Say good-bye to stains, spots, and unruly wrinkles when you trust Sunshine Cleaners for our expert stain removal and shirt pressing services. Backed by nearly 30 years of experience, you can rely on us to give you stain treated and wrinkle-free clothes.

Services for Your Leather

At Sunshine Cleaners, we are a collection site for your leathers. Bring your leather items, such as jackets, purses, and more, and we'll make them look like new with our leather cleaning services.

Contact our dry cleaner today in Newberg, Oregon, when you're in need of quality services for your favored fabrics.
Member of the Oregon Dry Cleaners Association

About Us

Sunshine Cleaners has been in its current location since 1978 and is owned and operated by a local family.  Peggi grew up in Newberg, graduated from Newberg High School, and worked as an employee at Sunshine Cleaners for 20 years before becoming the co-owner with her husband in 2005.  She has 29 plus years in Dry Cleaning, laundry, and alterations.

Originally, the building was half dry cleaner and half self-serve laundry. The dry clean and shirt laundry section of the business has steadily grown and filled the entire building. The equipment has been steadily upgraded and the majority of it is computerized to improve efficiency, give consistent quality, and provide excellent machinery for our employees.

The success is generated from commitment to our customer which includes quality, customer service, and continuous improvement.  Our earnest desire is to maintain a caring family culture for our employees that encourages learning and increased skill level.

We are committed to our customers and stand by the work we do for you.

Focusing on Customer Service

At our dry cleaner, our goal is to provide unmatched service to ensure your satisfaction. Since our inception 35 years ago, we have done just that. In addition to delivering services that leave you grinning from ear to ear, our staff continually learns new skills, such as sewing, pressing, and removing stains, to ensure you and your clothes look fantastic.